My Hello World




For those who don’t know what this phrase refers to, it is generally the first thing we make a machine say when we start learning how to get it to do whatever we want. We make it first say hello to the world for us and later on do some pretty amazing stuff !

Hello world is very symbolic and universal, it means you are now Entering A NEW WORLD , and most of the time, you are !

the first times i programmed ( so as to not say THE first time because i honestly don’t remeber it ! ) i had no idea what i was doing or what was the point of all of this but after a few ‘hello world’s i came to a realisation that shocked me ! we , EVERYDAY, use so many things that we know nothing about !

We use computers, phones, elevators, cars, trains , washing machines , PENS ! , all kinds of things that we know NOTHING about ! we have no idea why a pen writes or how a car accelarates ! we don’t know why washing machines make noise ot how phones call eachother ( they actually don’t :p ).

and over the course of our daily lives we have become less attentive to the magic around us and only learning .. only education will make us see it again !

The time i realised what a computer needed ( and i am talking OLD COMPUTERS ) to work and to do what it actually does i was amazed and i felt like screaming out to everyone i know who .. DIDN’T KNOW !

people are amazing , our brains are amazing , and only if we learn .. will we see that ! if we reduce ourselves to consuming instead of creating, then we are commiting a crime against ourselves , against God Who gave us this magnificient brain .. that created all of this .. OUT OF NOTHING !

So how about you rethink your education ? and rethink the way you see your education ? not as a way to get job , but as a way to be a better human 🙂







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