Trolling my teacher !!

So i have been passing exams these days !

trolling my teacher.jpg

Yes, i’m a college student andthis past week has been hell. I had 6 exams in 4 days and in most of them i messed up, but what the hell, i’m only paying for my laziness and carelessness :p anyways , this isn’t about that , this is about Trolling My English teacher :D.

The essay question on the subject was : Use your imagination to write about what androids and robots will do in the future.

I was tiered, it had been a long day , and honestly i had to get out of exam early so i can text my friend all the answers , so here’s what i wrote :

Robots and androids are the start of something new ( yes came right out of a song 😀 ) and revolutionary for humanity.

They hold so much potential and so many possibilities , the limits to those are only humain imagination!

In other words, there are no limits to what robots and androids can or will do. Humain imagination and creativity has surpassed endless boundries and will do it again when it’ll come to these magnificient metal creatures.

They will change the world as we know it, and who knows , they might as well change us as we know ourselves ( i was so proud of this phrase :3 ).

Robots have been created by man but will men be the masters of them forever ( And you can note the OBVIOUS reference to Game Of Thrones!!! ) ?? That, we don’t know. And in not knowing the answer yo that question lies the answer to the previous one ( yeah i wanted to confuse her a bit so that i lose her and she just gives me a good mark :3 ) : What will androids and robots do in the future ? ( note that i actually didn’t answer :3 )

So ! What do you guys think of how good i am at saying NOTHING in a lotta words ? 😀


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