I Have Failed !

The point of this blog to me was that i publish articles about things i see outside in my country but also that i publish things that happen on the inside , and by that i mean , my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences and funny how a few days ago i came across a little something i wrote last year and i was pretty amazed at how good it was and the best part ( or maybe it ain’t that good :p ) is that i found it at a time when i was going through the exact same thing and , that was pretty cool. So here it is for you guys to read 🙂




” Hello ,      I have failed

I have failed but I’m happy

i just realised that my failure was a sign that I am truly on the right path and that my efforts were useful.

the next step now would be to learn from it all the mistakes that i made that caused my failure.

my failure today is a good sign, i’m making mistakes , i’m trying things and doing things differently ! Because if i was still in my old routine i wouldn’t have failed.

i have failed my attempt and i will fail many others , that is the price i must pay to succeed. i must try again to be happy because i am on the right path.


ever since i came to this school, i’ve been trying to figure out what was wrong and why my spark is gone. i have failed a few things and every experience taught me something or something changed in me.

Before , i would get all worked up when i fail because i’dd think : ” i haven’t found it yet, i thought i did , but i didn’t !” and i would automatically blame my competence.  never had i thought that that was the right path anyhow . to Try , fail and learn.

My failure doesn’t mean I’m less than to make
my dreams come true. It actually means that i’m on my way to becoming someone who makes their dreams come true ! By trying , failing and trying again till i succeed ! “

So that’s it ! that was what i said to myself , what do you usually do when things aren’t going your way ?


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