Friends who Don’t listen !

The worse thing a friend can do : not listen !! A_Man_Yelling_At_a_Girl_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_100326-164843-088009.jpg
Nothing gets me more upset than when a friend is in trouble and i know the answer but they don’t listen !
When you would spend hours explaining to them what they should do and you would put effort into saying it the right way and in the right time only to find that they weren’t listening in the first place !
I mean , yeah i know sometimes i over do it! Sometimes it’s so obvious to me what that person should do that it’s irritating to hear me talk .. But still! you’re a grown ass (man/woman) ! If you didn’t know that you’re not supposed to mistreat your girlfriend or not stay up late when you have an exam, then u might as well shut up and listen to my te3rach !
On the other hand, when a friend comes to me when they’re in trouble i get worried about them and i just want it all to go away asap ! Because if your friend isn’t happy then you can’t be at ease! And that’s one more reason to why i get harsh in giving advice! I just really want you to be okey soon ! It’s totally out of love!
The reason why i’m saying all this is that i find myself in a situation where i hate what one of my friends are doing , and because he doesn’t listen, there isn’t much i can do! I may pray for him, but i’m also very upset over it… Too bad!
Anyhow , that’s how i feel anyways. How about you !? How do you handle friends in trouble?

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