Clubs and Events from this point of view

Typical student life is what we all know and have been doing ever since kindergarten : go to school , learn , come home , do homework and then rest. However, after a certain age, there is so much more we can do, so much more we can accomplish. That “much more” is what this article will be about.

After school, most students tend to waste time on playing games or watching TV and considering how much time that is, it is truly a big waste for a young person with a lot of energy to spare. That is why an extracurricular activity should be an indispensable part of student’s life. An activity such as sports, debate clubs, charity, scouts or others would be a much better use of such valuable time.

What is a CLUB?  What is an EVENT?

A club is a group of people who come together because of a certain cause or a common interest, such as a passion for learning a language or community work or theater! Generally, they are student-based school organizations, consisting of administration-approved organizations.

For example, in my school, we have five types of clubs, three of them related to our studies and the other two are for charity and environmental causes. They all do their best to organize as many events a year as possible considering they are also very busy motivated students.

In a club, you get to meet people with the same interests as us, which is usually a great way to make very good friends, but the best part is that in a club you get to organize events, which in other words means, you think of something cool to do and tell your fellow club members about it. Once everyone says yes and suggests their own ideas, you get to work together as a team to bring all of your ideas to life.

A few examples of university-based clubs in Algeria are:

P1.pngThe activities that the Club promotes and creates are aiming to achieve these goals, and to create a dynamic environment inside our institute. The trend says that students are supposed to be not only motivated and enthusiastic, but need to start the initiative and be able to propose solutions and ideas. The INELECTRONICS students’ club envisions building a bridge between university and industry. This is done by inviting the leading business companies in Algeria to the institute, construct a network with those companies, and set up partnerships to support our activities in order to realize our objectives. Such partnerships will, at the end, benefit to both students and our partners.




Micro Club is a science club which brings together a large community of students passionate about computers and new technologies. Located in the University IT Department of The University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene under the management of the Sub-Directorate of Scientific , Cultural and Sports Activities.




ETIC is a National School of Computer Engineering (ESI) students club  open to students of all disciplines who wish to integrate a dynamic group with the aim of strengthening the community by promoting knowledge sharing and mutual assistance between our members.


Now speaking of events, what is an event?

Google says : “a planned public or social occasion. For example : staff have been holding a number of events to raise money for charity”.

Well an event is a well-organized gathering of people for a certain activity or purpose.

Examples of events in Algeria:



“This event is considered the” International Crossroads  Professionals of ICT and Web 2.0 “and is part of the strategy e-Algeria whose main objective is to ensure a transformation of our society towards a digital future. ”


S2EE :

S2EE.pngThe “Salon de l’Employment de l’ ESI”, S2EE, club ETIC’s main event of the year, is an exhibition organized by students for students. During which the latter will have the opportunity to get job interviews in order to get internships or even jobs.



Who is coming?

Lunnenburg states in his article “Extracurricular activities serve the same goals and functions as the required and elective courses in the curriculum. However, they provide experiences that are not included in formal courses of study. They allow students to apply the knowledge that they have learned in other classes and acquire concepts of democratic life.”

So basically the ones who come to events are people who are intressted in what the event has to offer. Some events are a series of conferences or workshops on a certain subject or a variety of subjects and people who attend them are generally students who want to learn more about their subjects or professionals who want to know about the news of their field.

In my personal experience, I have been to many events of different types. Some of these events were good, some were great and some were life changing. I think it’s the case for everybody, you come in to learn something and end up meeting great people who share your ideas and passions and you eventually get inspired and quite motivated by what you saw and how it felt.

I believe students should attend different kinds of events because each time you do, you just might discover a part of you that you never knew was there.Plus the great social network that these events provide of very passionate and hardworking young people.

Who’s in charge ?

We mentioned earlier that clubs are the ones who organize these events but you might think :     Why would one bother organizing and putting in the effort?

Well, Simple. Here is a list of why I do it:

  • You are giving back to your community and benefiting it. When I am, at an event that I helped organize and I see people coming in and enjoying themselves. When I see them learning something new or making new friends or gaining new skills I honestly feel great, I feel useful and empowered.
  • I feel proud because, out of absolutely nothing but ideas, my team and I put together such an opportunity for people to learn and benefit from.
  • working very hard putting your own benefit at risk for other people that you don’t know to accomplish something good, and to change your own environment to the better is , I believe , everyone’s duty.

There are many reasons to why one would create nd event or participate in one but it all comes down to what a friend told me  : ‘ I like having the power to change things , and club work gives me that power, that’s why I love it ! ‘

in my next article, I will be speaking of why you should join clubs and how. If you don’t know any or you aren’t interested in any well, I’ll tell you all I know about how you should start your own and I’ll just quote MIT on their active student organisations to wrap this up :  “Chances are, there’s a group of students here doing something you’d love to do; if there isn’t, you should start your own”.


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