The flight


June 27th was the rewarding end of my toughest 10months ever. I had studied, cried, got sick, got motivated, gave up, rose up from the ashes and I had made it. My 2nd year in ESI was over and almost 10days later a plane would take me far away from this place I got so tiered of.

It’s Eid and I am seeing faces I almost forgot! Some of my cousins have this weird habit of growing too tall too fast. It is very funny sometimes to joke about it but mostly it just reminds me of how fast time is flying by!

While everyone is playing around, laughing or showing off his or her new beautiful outfits all I could think about is “Shit! My bags are still empty!”

We got home at around 9pm and I was exhausted but I still managed to start packing before I went to bed.

3 am: “wake up girls! If you still want to go see Germany then you better be up before your plane leaves!” dad said. The flight was at 2pm!!!

Unconscious and quite tired I was up and preparing my coffee and I started going through the list in my head… it’s never easy to pack! You never really know what ‘Should’ go and what ‘Doesn’t need to ‘!

12 am: “All is ready! … Kind of … oh I don’t know! Let’s just go we’ll be late!!”

The airport was empty, not much of a surprise since it was the 2nd day of Eid. The procedures were easy and quick and we were inside in no time!

“Tassili Airlines welcomes you aboard! There is no one to do the work so we will wait another hour for take-off, Thank you! ». That is fine by me! I have a book and a good lonely seat by the window in the back of the plane. I have been dying for this feeling all year long!

A while later (God knows how long later!!) the plane started to move and in minutes we were going very fast and just about to get off the ground. Those very few moments when a plane starts to fly are my favorites in the whole wide world (I haven’t tried all of the thrills in the world but this one is the best yet!!). One second you are down and the other you are up… Adrenaline in my Veins! Surprisingly that day, the air was so clean that all of Algiers was on sight from the small window! The views are beautiful once you are watching from a little high up!

A few miles later, we are flying low above the Mediterranean and sometimes in the middle of the big blue; you would see a lonely insignificant ship. It’s funny and amazing because I usually see them in the port of Algiers and they seem so huge… Well, there they are, quite small and insignificant!

What I like most about flying above a sea or an ocean is when even though it’s all just water you still sometimes see the difference between deep water and normal depth by the change of the blue in it. Besides, to think that while you are living the same life you have for years while somewhere out there in the world are amazing  things you never saw and might never enjoy .. Such as a sunrise in the ocean (reference to ‘Life of Pi’, I love that movie!).
Later I found myself taking a nap and as I woke up, the whole scenery had changed. Suddenly everything was Green! Very large and wide fields of green and then beige and all of them organized in a way that every inch comes out with a plant! It was mesmerizing!

Out of nowhere the mountains started to rise ahead and as the plane was flying low I was surprised to see that even in the summer heat, some of them still had snow on the top.

The mountains were so close to the plane that I felt like opening the door and going for hike! It really felt like Heidi’s house was just around the corner… I would have loved to go visit to one of my childhood hero’s house!


Here are some pictures that i took from my flight !







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