Germany on the other side of the river


Today we go to Germany! Everyone is excited about this trip, except my little brother to whom Germany does not mean that much. To me, Germany was The Country to visit. Maybe because of my dad’s obsession of it or because of the German language classes I used to attend that aim to introduces (and make you like) the German traditions and customs. Both ways today was the day illusions will be shattered and facts will be confirmed.

“It’s raining out, dad! That will ruin the road trip! ”

“But of course not! It is Germany! You won’t even feel the difference!” dad answered my sister. I am not sure what he meant by that. Maybe that the roads wouldn’t be slippery and muddy like when it rains back home or that it was cold outside anyways even if it’s mid-summer!

Lunches packed and all kids dressed we finally set off to the car all very excited and hopeful.

The place we were staying was about 10minutes away from the German border and so it was not long until me and my younger sister started scrutinizing the views trying to keep as many mental images as we could and looking for That Thing About Germany!

Well here is what I saw and recall:

Invisible borders: Even though it was not my first time crossing European borders, it is always such a wonderful thing! One minute you are in one place, everything is in French, and then you see a little sign that contains the European flag and a bigger one that says “Welcome to Germany “in German and that’s it! You have crossed countries! Always a funny feeling! The best part about this particular one is that the borders are the Rhine River, so technically … Germany was just a river away!

Open endless farms: At any point during our road trip, we could have pulled over and had some German strawberries or bush berries! Yes, it was like an endless sea of farms, fruit and wheat fields everywhere you look. A little beyond those fields you could see mountains of very thick forests and high trees. I am used to wild nature from back home but in this place, it was different. In this place, the human existence did not ruin the beauty of nature, it increased it!

The houses were very well build and their colors were friendly and beautiful. The stables and constructors next to them were simple, clean and small in a way to make the farm distinguished and only a small part of the large fields and wonderful huge trees!

As the car crosses the German countryside, we watch all kinds of sights but eventually give in to sleep which angers my dad who tries to make us wake up by putting on some music! His trick worked on me because I am a light sleeper but all my sister and brother did was turn to the other side.

I do not know the title of the song that was playing nor its singer but it was in English and it was smooth and dreamy. Being in the middle of huge mountains in a foreign country inside a car going 130km/h, I had the most wonderful daydream of all the things I could do with my life and all the possibilities! What a journey!

Here are some of my favorite pictures taken by ME 😀

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