An end to one of Her days

She closed the door. She was finally home.


As she put down her backpack, she felt a huge weight lifted off her shoulders and the memories of what had happened started to surface again.

– “I’m sorry but I really needed to tell you something “he said.

– “It’s okay. let’s go, I’m sure Lilia will understand” she responded, smiling. She was confused. After all this time she never thought he would talk to her again and certainly not drag her away from her friends.

– “ Listen, I don’t know how to tell you this so I’ll just say it”

– “Sure! Go ahead! “

– “My feeling for you did change and I was very wrong to treat you the way I did!” he takes a breath and continues “I’m so sorry! Will you forgive me? Is there still hope for us? “

– “Wait! What?” she answered him, astonished! She settled down on the bed and gave in to the tears she had been holding down since morning. She clenched her fist against her heart and felt the squeeze relieve her a little of the pain. As she took a deep breath she tried to silence her gasps and wipe away the tears, she had to appear unmoved in front of her family. They cannot know about her personal life. To them, she ought to have none!

– “Come on let’s go! Let’s get you away from here first!” said Lilia.

She responded with a nod because she couldn’t say anything. Every time she tried to formulate a word, it would come out as a meaningless chaos of insignificant sounds so after a few tries she stopped saying anything. They both left the place in a hurry and carefully keeping their heads down so that none of them catches anybody’s eyes and has to answer their questions. As her friend tried to think of a place far away where she would feel free to cry and rest, all she did was fight her tears and keep her feet moving forward. Yes, her day was harsh. As harsh as she expected it. She had always known deep down in her heart that her love for this man was meant to make her suffer. Even when his answer was exactly what her heart desired, life had stepped in to remind both of them how dangerous it can be to follow one’s heart!


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