This week’s blog : too personal !

I was trying to write something for this week’s blog so i did what i allways do : picked a topic and let my pen take me wherever it wants to go! a few paragraphs later I found myself crying and I reread what i wrote .. I was shocked… It was so personal.. So old .. So connected .. It was revealing !

Usually when i truly let my pen run its course I find myself writing about my feelings, my deepest fears .. All in all.. I either end up whining or dreaming! But this time .. I found myself rememebering! 

Something so old .. Something I honestly thought hadn’t effected me that much .. But i guess that as soon as my pen wrote it .. As soon as i got back to tthat moment … Now that i am so far away and that i cn see a much bigger picture .. I guess it did .. It shaped a side of me that i never thought of .. A side of me only my pen could get to ..

Well, now you know! This week’s blog ended up being for myself rather than for my dear readers … So just wait up for the next one and sorry 😀 


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