I have no idea how to start this, I have a lot to say but no idea how to say it. In this letter I wanted  Benthi, to see herself through my eyes. This letter is addressed to the kid above in the picture, I will be calling her Benthi because it means ‘my daughter’ in my native tongue and because I don’t know her name.

Hey there kiddo,

Benthi, if you ever read this then that would truly be a miracle, and I do hope you will … one day.

Benthi, we met one day in a wonderful coincidence. We met one day when I came out of my comfort zone to do something I had dreamt of doing ever since I was a kid, the day I came to teach .

Benthi, when we met, I was missing my family and my little sister. Through your eyes, dear Benthi, I saw a little bit of her.

Benthi, the day we met, you were brought to the school to learn something new and unconventional. I saw in your first reaction to our explanation signs of confusion, you had no idea what we were talking about.

I don’t even remember you introducing yourself, Benthi. While I remember some of your classmates who were livelier than you when telling us their names and ages.

Benthi, you couldn’t use the computer well and you wouldn’t even touch it at first. You were very shy, Benthi. You wouldn’t even let go of your bag!

By the second tutorial, you started working on your little game easily. Benthi, you were gaining confidence by every instruction you executed correctly … and the more excited and energetic you got, the happier I felt!

Benthi, when you did something right without my help, I wanted to hug you and tell you how smart you are! How fast you were and how amazing your progress was! All I said, though, was “Good job, keep going!” and smiled.

Benthi, many times I would ask you and your friends questions and your reaction would be to turn to them and look around. At first, I thought you were trying to cheat , only to find out later that you always had the answer and you were too shy to say it and afraid to embarrass your friends. When I finally noticed that, it hit me what a wonderful considerate heart you had and what an amazing kid you were.

Benthi, when it was lunch time, we were supposed to let you guys play and get creative with what we taught you… you shared a computer with your friend and she was slowing you down , there you go considering her feelings again!

Benthi, I brought you my computer because I knew there was so much inside you willing to come out. I was happy, so happy to provide you with this opportunity, even if only for a couple hours.

You were happy to take it, Benthi, and you took off making your own game so fast, one wouldn’t believe that only a little while ago you had trouble handling a mouse!

Benthi, you were very quiet I would barely hear you talking to your friend, you were quiet and shy but your work was inspired!

For a kid your age, Benthi, you were so old, so wise, so inspiring… when I think that by giving you a couple hours of my day I could have changed your life … I am amazed!

Benthi, you may never remember me, but I will never forget you.

Benthi, out of all of those kids that day you managed in some mysterious way to shine so brightly, that even in your silent and shy behavior you inspired me to write this letter to you and the photographer to take this picture of you. I, for some reason, believe you’re a genius in hiding.

Benthi, I was very scared that day. I was very insecure and unsure about how to do this ‘teaching’ thing … but each time you understood something I taught you, I was overjoyed… I was so happy to know that I have added something to someone else’s life.

Benthi, it was only one day, but in those few hours I spent with you I saw you grow from a shy confused and embarrassed kid to a Smiling, creative, confidently programming game maker … by the end of that day , when your bus tool off … I stood there just amazed at the potential you had in you … Benthi!


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