Write my life story .. Or Not!

Hello there, whoever you are … Let me tell you a story… or maybe many stories…

So, one day a kid woke up and went to visit a place …

(5 minutes later .. )  Nope! Got nothing… blank … I thought my life was interesting enough to write a story … and it may be, to someone else! … But to me… It was all too natural… how would I write a useful story when all I see are typical thing that could happen to anyone … and worse of all …. Where the hell would I start? My story doesn’t even begin when I was born… or even conceived … it goes further… it starts with every legendary custom my ancestors created and I grew up to learn and consider sacred … it goes back to every fight, murder, insult , or legendary battle anyone ever fought on this land I was born in. Here, on this land, I grew up to defend their memory and fight again for what they believed to be true or right! (And that is the best case scenario, most our fights that date back to them actually started for ridiculous reasons that now have vanished!) .. Yes, when you look at it that way… Our lives go back thousands of years… who would ever dare write a life story now?


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