A moment in USTHB

Only recently, i have become a USTHB student .. at very first i really didn’t like the university .. the place .. the people ..

Then one day as i rushed out of the university as i usually do after my classes are over i fell into the moment. For those who don’t know it , USTHB has a fake lake in the middle with  a small forest next to it .. as i walked by the lake the sky suddenly opend up and the sun hit the water in a magical curve that lit up the forest and made the water sparkle in a magically capturing way .. i stopped right there .. i stopped running away and turned to the lake .. i got to the edge of the pavement and sat there .. i just sat there ..

This is what i wrote after a few minutes of just looking at the water and the sky ..


Natural beauty .. birds playing in the water and the beautiful blue of a sunny sky ..

the sound of the water and the sparkle of a lake ..

the openess of a hill and the greatness of a cloud..

the warmth of of a large green space and the firmness of a tree ..

the beauty of a bird flopping his wings in the air ..

the breez of an evening by the dock ..

the air so fresh it lightens your soul …

the feeling of a squate by a lake …

the peacefullness of the wind flirting with the tree leaves….

the beauty of alittle sudden wamrth of a shy sun and the funny water show of two ducks taking a swim …

i’m in love …


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