The time they finally knew

The weather was cold and the sky was gray. There hasn’t been any sunshine in a while. She thought as she stood there waiting for him.

A little while later he appeared from far and her heart pounded as he got closer and closer. The butterflies in her stomach and the dizziness took over her and she turned away to contain herself. When she finally turned back he was already next to her … she looked him in the eyes and she knew … she put her arms around him and gave in to her deepest fears…

He was nervous, worried and confused coming here. She seemed sick and quite tiered on the phone and that is the only reason he had come. He knew he would never forgive himself if anything happened to her because of him.

But now that her arms are around him, the rest of the world has vanished! He was light as a feather and she was all he ever wanted to see… though his heart was racing and his mind was blank he still wasn’t sure … he still doubted himself… not until he felt her tear on his shoulder that he gave in to his true feelings … he held her back tightly and buried his face in her hair… he was whole …

As she felt his hands take her in and his heart enveloping her own she took a deep breath of relief… The kind of breath a drowning person would take when they finally touch the ground … he had finally come … she was finally home … right there in his arms …

No words were spoken, and none needed to be. What was meant to be ‘the meeting to end it all’ ended up being the long awaited confirmation of all that was there but never admitted … she had prepared endless scenarios and he had brought with him all the courage he had to break it all off … to say what he doesn’t mean and do what needed to be done, or so he thought …

Sitting there still engulfed in each other’s warmth… With no words spoken they both understood … “you may run anywhere and anytime … but nowhere else will you find a home like the one my arms provide … if ever you truly want peace … this is the one cause you will fight for…”


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