She met him

She has never been there before, she never knew anyone like him, and she was lost.

Not sure what to say or what to do, she would find herself quite hurt over meaningless harmless comments and she would catch herself smiling uncontrollably to a little compliment . She laughs at all his jokes and every moment she spent talking to him she considered a gift. She would sometimes stop to take it all in. She knew there would come a time to end it all … and those moments will be the only precious things she ends up with.

She loved him in a way that was new to her. She could not recognize herself. She would lose grip of her expressions and reactions when he was around her and in her mind, he was aside from all other people.

She, for the first time in her life, only loved him. She did not expect anything back and she did not ask for anything … she genuinely cared about his well-being and she honestly meant it when she said he looked nice.

To any outsider who did not know her, this may seem quite normal but it was not. She was a girl who knew how to get what she wants out of people. She was smart in her words and her reactions with just anyone. None of what she did or said was ever truly honest, she was smart enough to know exactly what her words and her actions did to people and she acted accordingly … until …

His appearance in her life came gradually, mainly because she was scared to let people in and partially because she never peaked his interest…

One day, quite randomly she wanted to see inside the soul of that person she admired most and so, she embarked on a trip to unknown feelings and eye opening conversations.

Every time she thinks she saw land he would again turn the wheel to prove her wrong, she never got to the core of him … only saw a glimpse of it here and there .. However, every time she came close, she fell harder and harder and her determination to crack his code grew…

Just like a user-friendly software, he looked easy and basic to read but when the layers started to come off and his shadows lit up … she read he was no ordinary man … and she will never be the same woman after him…




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