Why did they do that?

« Why did they do that? »

“Excuse me?”

“Why did those birds come out like that? Why all in the same time? Why here?”

“I don’t know!”

“Hey have a wedding planned, the two families were meeting up in the prettiest spot they could find and after a small celebration they took off together to take the party elsewhere, now that they’re one family, like we do back home!”

“Oh really? That is an interesting theory. However, I happen to think they were at war!”

“Oh well, marriage or battle, potato potato!”

“I believe it’s ‘tomato tomato!’ “

“Oh no it’s marriage and battle! “, They both laugh.

“They probably have simpler marriages!”

“Marriage can never be simpler. It is complicated by definition. How do you expect two creatures to merge in every way and share everything without some sort of war breaking out in the process? I just believe that some people are better at peacekeeping than others!”

“Or it can be love! …That brings peace I mean …”

“Spoken like a true pigeon! Oh, they are coming back now! “, Both look up.

“The wedding is probably done already!”

“Have you ever been in love?”


“I’ll take that as a yes! “

“How could you tell!?”

“Has it brought you peace or was it more of a spark of endless war?”

“I see what you’re trying to do here …”

“Then step back into your human skin and see things for what they are little pigeon…!”

“This is very weird. However, I will give you the answers you are looking for.  There are too many humans out there! Too many warlords and heart assassins! They live to pretend to be strong and powerful. They breathe ego and tyranny! They are unfulfilled! They never stop shooting at the hearts on the sleeves and they keep searching for a feeling that may last them longer than a nuclear blow!

With my white feathers, I feel the wind of every seasons even though they keep me away from no bullets. My little beak never lets me eat more than what I need, never will I worry I took anybody else’s daily share of what life has to offer.

I fly around and go to wedding and wars, either way I say peace, either way people smile at my sight. Feathery wings suit me better than any armor and pointy eyes hide enough sadness from me to always focus on the flowers. Human skins is what I was given but white feathers is what I choose to wear.”

“Was your lover a duck?”

She laughs.

“So long pigeon, they hyena in me calls for retreat!”

“So long human! There was once a time we lived together, but you forget the branch and the olive!”

“Shall I come back when I remember?”

“I am here! As long as your bombs haven’t reached me!”

She smiled as he walked away.



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