Short Story of the boy behind the glass

He stood there staring at her. This girl, this one girl drove him crazy. At this moment, the girl standing there smiling at him, what was she? Some kind of fairy? A dream? A distant impossible dream that haunts his nights, she stands there and smiles.

He tries to analyze himself, to understand, to seize the moment. He looks at her deeply and he starts to see the details. He looks at her eyes, curiously shinning. She puts on a little dark layer of make up to show them. They are a dark sea that could take a man up and down like a lost ship in a storm. He shakes the thought off and looks at her red cheeks, so full and lively … he finally reaches her lips, was he even on earth? He felt a sensation taking over him and he wished for it to stay as he took a long breath and swallowed …

He shook that thought off as well. Knowing how far it could take him and knowing that there was no way to make it there. He lowered his eyes in shame but on his mouth appeared a malicious little smile.

He thinks of this girl again. What has she done to him? Why did he get so obsessed with her? Why can’t he get his eyes off her? Why does he run away terrified every time she steps into the store ?

This girl has haunted his thought for over a year now. Ever since, he first got this job. She was the only reason he held on to this job with everything he had unlike all other jobs he lost in only a few weeks.

Because this job allowed him to see her every morning and evening when she takes the tramway home, he had to keep it. At least until she stops coming here or maybe one day he would get the courage to finally speak to her. “What would they speak of?” he says to himself … of his endless love? Or of his desire for her to be his forever? Of her beauty, maybe? Of her charms? Of his life of a poor man? Of her comfortable situation? Of what will they speak he thinks … if ever they do speak…

“She’s out early today” he says to himself and stands behind the shop’s glass. Staring at her was now a daily habit. She is wearing sweats and a convers and she looks sad.” I wonder what is wrong “he thinks to himself. Her face is dark and her eyes are stuck to the ground as she walks. It must be one of them bad days… “Oh, how I wish  … I wish I could go down and make her smile. I wish I could, kiss her, and hug her so hard she would never again be sad again … but then… Why would the love of a person like me be any good to her? Why would my love be good news to her even worse, it would put an extra sadness in her eyes, one more person in her life she cannot please. “He says addressing the mirror staring at him in the other end of the shop. Another habit he picked up when staring at her every morning.


“Oh already? It was fast today, have a nice day my love and keep smiling so that I keep living my dear …I love you so much” and he blows her a secret kiss as she gets into the tramway and disappears into the crowed.


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