A couple words put together

It’s funny how powerful words can be. To people with good hearts, words can take them up so high and bring them down lower than they ever thought they could get. Words, simple words can be such a strong deadly weapon to a man’s heart. They can also be a blessing.

Using words, we can turn the wheel of time, we can take people back to the times when knights married beautiful princesses and lived happily ever after. We could take an old woman, whose bones are too tired to carry her flesh anymore; to a time when she danced all night with a man, she believed to be her ‘prince charming’. She dreamt and danced until the day she found him in bed with another woman he called ‘his queen’.

Only with words can a sinner seek forgiveness for mistakes he recklessly made. Only with words can a mother warn her daughter of an upcoming storm. Only with words must she convince her to hold on to her husband. Though he may not be worth it. She only has words to make this bride-to-be less miserable promising her it would get better after a while. She knows it will not. She knows because she still tells her self the words her mother tells her. She lies to herself just like she now lies to her daughter and like her mother lied to her.

Only words can convince a shameless uncaring friend that I need them. Only words can enable them to see the bigger picture, feel the pain and taste the loneliness. A few words can steal that smile away. A few adjectives and an example here and there. Make you relate with a memory you never considered from my side and a quiet innocent angel-like finally to seal the deal, and Man did it work!

I feel bad sometimes for using such techniques. However, I would rather do this that lose them again. It would simply be stupid to be as honest as I was once again, it would either tear them apart or scare them away, so here I go … using the power of words against all odds …


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