Sofiane’s shirt!

Sofiane wears a shit that makes everyone think he’s weird!  ” fantasies and weird dreams are good, but not too much” they think… I agree… Sometimes. However, this time, I couldn’t disagree more.

Sofiane wears the shirt and the pants of the man he wants to become. Such as a child playing with race cars, Sofiane tries very hard to hold on to his dream. Because right now Sofiane’s life is not going as planned. His goals slip away and people laugh at his speeches.

Sofiane’s loneliness only grows bigger as he has to pretend to be on top of it all. He must pretend, act and deceive. he gave his soul when he accepted his responsibility. Many people would never understand why a student club would require so much effort, emotionally speaking. But I do!

I do because like Sofiane I was handed down a rotten shell of something that used to be great. Something that once changed lives but that is today, abandoned.

Like Sofiane I believed in my club and its potential and goals. Like Sofiane, the leader in me screamed and shouted for me to man up and accept the job. Gather up all the courage and every bit of knowledge I had, to rebuild from scratch. Rebuild the greatness .. and just maybe .. in between the bricks and walls, scribble my name.

We did … the castles were built again and the soldiers were rewarded. but we were left behind. with hands full of scars from the dirt and rocks and with crushed hearts from all the acting and the lying and having to provide for others what we didn’t have: motivation and happiness.

I know why he wears the black shirt. I know why he does his hair like that… he goes back to the only place it’s safe… where his dream still lives. even if that’s only inside him. he draws strength and resilience from the shirt.

Yes ! a shirt can do that …just like when you keep something that belongs to your parents because you miss them .. it makes them feel closer to you .. it makes him feel closer to his dream. he puts it on like an armor .. against all odds. I believe in him,

I believe in him, I believe in his dreams … and knowing he has a refuge where he can feel safe helps me feel less worried about my friend. even if it’s just a shirt!



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